Prepare Your Clothes. . .

We’ll be posted drop off loctions this week. Here’s how you can get your stuff ready to go:

1. Go through everything and pull out the stuff you don’t wear, doesn’t fit, doesn’t feel good- whatever.

2. Check to make sure there’s no substantial damage and everything’s relatively clean.

3. Count up everything and bag it up in a trash bag, grocery bag or some other bag you’re willing to part with.

4. Bring to a drop off location near you and fill out the receipt.

5. Hang on to the receipt. When you arrive at the swap, cash it in for chips and shop away.


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We need some people to help out! Interested in some extra chips and a drink ticket?

We need people to volunteer to be drop off locations. All you have to do is stay home and keep track of what comes in a few hours a week. Sign up here.

We also need people the day of the swap- clothing hangers, check-out professionals, chip cashers. No retail experience required. Warm fuzzy feeling included. Sign up here.

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Clothing Swap: The Website

Welcome to the up quickly and often updated Chicago Clothing Swap website!

Here’s where you’ll find updates on dates, places, volunteer opportunities, causes we’re working for and other random items related to the CCS.

Check back and comment often.

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